the designer Izabela Lapinska

Elegantly crafted with her signature style, Izabela Łapińska’s designs embrace the spirit of true individuality. Her collections create the perfect balance between classic designs and modern lifestyles - blending art and fashion beautifully.

Reaching beyond the boundaries of time, carefully chosen fabrics and unique craftsmanship bring Izabela Łapińska's individual style to life. From sensual lines through embroidery and calligraphy on silk to specially wrought silver buttons, each garment has its own handmade detail that speaks of elegance and timelessness.

Małgorzata Foremniak foto: Robert Wolański

„Her coats make me feel like a queen, lace awakens my sensuality, and her preppy dresses playfully conceal my character. Izabela’s wear pieces allow me to play with... being a woman.”

Małgorzata Foremniak

„Her creations are much more than a whim of the season. These garments, thanks to their unique design and perfect execution, are not only in line with current trends in fashion, but also present a timeless character”

Alicja Resich-Modlińska, „Modą zaklęci”

foto: Piotr Stokłosa
foto: Robert Wolański

„Izabela Łapińska's designs present a unique character. They escape the established trends and are incredibly stylish and timeless. They trace new paths in fashion. (…) All of Izabela’s creations (…) are a true feast of sensuousness and femininity spiced up with sex appeal.”

Anna Jurgaś, „Glamour”

„(...) her hand-made buttons, original trimmings and unique coats arouse curiosity even on the most crowded Paris streets!”

Agnieszka Ścibior, Viva Moda

foto: Robert Wolański